With Teens in Mind

BeMe is a mobile mental health platform — made for and With Teens In Mind™ — to improve teen well-being by bringing together the best aspects of social, gaming and streaming engagement along with human coaching and clinical care.

Today’s teens need and deserve more, and BeMe was created to make teens happier — to intervene early and prevent the need for more intensive levels of care while democratizing emotional health for those who don’t always engage or have access to resources.

Our Mission

Combine engaging technology and human connection to support the mental health and emotional well-being of all teens.

About BeMe

No stigma, no judgment, just support. BeMe provides a safe space for teens to explore who they are and be their genuine selves by engaging with positive content, learning new skills, connecting with live coaches and having crisis support at their fingertips for the tougher moments. Safe by design, BeMe merges evidence-based clinical knowledge and input from a diverse, authentic TAB (Teen Advisory Board) to deliver experiences that fit into teen lives on their terms, how and when they want it.

How It Works

Centered on rethinking what teens need, BeMe’s engaging and inclusive mobile platform provides a fun, safe, familiar modality and inspires new-to-the-world support for youth and their communities.

Daily Engagement

It’s about quality, not quantity. BeMe isn’t intended to be addictive for teens but instead to delight, inspire and transform through discrete, time-limited, positive interactions and exchanges.

Always Getting Better

Personalized and fresh, authentic and non-judgmental, BeMe is driven by machine learning and gets better every day with usage. Just like the teens who use it.

Backed by Science

Clinical, evidence-based, scientific principles are at the core of everything we do, from the fundamental building blocks behind the content to the skills behind self-care activities and coaching. It’s the only way to improve teen emotional experiences and promote long-term thriving.

Safer By Design

BeMe recognizes that sometimes life gets tough and intense emotions can hit teens hard at the most unexpected times. That’s why the platform offers multiple, fully integrated crisis support options and developmentally appropriate safety planning — not just a hotline number. Because no teen should worry alone, or feel like they’ll fall without something to catch them.

The Team

This is personal. Seriously. BeMe Health is led by some of the most renowned experts in their fields.

Nicoletta Tessler PsyD MBA

CEO, Co-Founder

Nicoletta Tessler PsyD MBA

CEO, Co-Founder

Dr. Nicoletta Tessler is a clinical psychologist and accomplished senior executive with +20-year career of repeated success in building and leading cutting-edge behavioral healthcare with a deep understanding of strategy, domain knowledge and business operations. Nicki is a high-profile thought leader, combining rapid and strategic growth with managing operational and financial demands of a large book of behavioral health business. She is a proven difference-maker with an unwavering sense of purpose and fierce passion to reinvent the field. She is a mother of two fabulous teenage daughters and bullish about modeling audacious goals for them by aiming to position BeMe as the most trusted resource in emotional health for teens.

Mandeep Dhillon MBA JD

CTO/CPO, Co-Founder

Mandeep Dhillon MBA JD

CTO/CPO, Co-Founder

Mandeep Dhillon is a children’s technology advocate and serial entrepreneur who has been investing in younger generations since founding a youth camp out of college. He is a digital social innovator whose experience spans from Togetherville, a pioneering parent/child social platform (acquired by Disney), to product leadership at Facebook. As the father of three teenagers, Mandeep is passionate about improving the mental health resources available to all kids, teens and young adults.

Neha Chaudhary MD

Chief Medical Officer

Neha Chaudhary MD

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Neha Chaudhary is a child and adolescent psychiatrist from Harvard and Massachusetts General Hospital. As a clinician innovator, she builds creative, clinically-informed products and programs that boost resilience and help teens thrive. She has advised mental health startups, big tech companies, and nonprofits and is frequently featured as an expert, writer, and mental health advocate in the mainstream media, from The New York Times to World News Tonight. She’s also an artist and mama-to-be.

Danielle Ramo PhD

Chief Clinical Officer

Danielle Ramo PhD

Chief Clinical Officer

Dr. Danielle Ramo is a clinical psychologist, research scientist and adjunct professor at UC San Francisco, with expertise in adolescent substance use and mental health. Her research has focused on how to make interventions most effective for adolescents, and that led her from academic medicine to Hopelab where she has studied social media and apps as tools to deliver support. She is widely published in the fields of adolescent development and mental health and she speaks to teens and parents about teen mental health in the digital age. She is a Bay Area mom of three soon-to-be adolescents.

Supported By

More people who care. Cofounded by two successful healthcare entrepreneurs, Scott Cousino (myStrength/Livongo) and Ron Geraty, MD (Merit Behavioral Care/American Imaging Management/Alere Medical), BeMe Health’s board members and investors are deeply committed to making BeMe the most trusted resource for teen emotional health.

Ron Geraty, MD

Board Chair

Scott Cousino, MBA

Founder, Board Member

Carolyn Magill, MBA

Board Advisor

Solome Tibebu

Board Member

Bill Geary

Alexandra Cantley

BeMe Health’s Teen Dream Team

Made for teens with teen guidance, BeMe relies on its TAB for diverse, inclusive direction and feedback across a range of perspectives.

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